How to blow out (winterize) your sprinkler system

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How to blow out (winterize) your sprinkler system - Видео онлайн

Replacement Backflow Preventers →
Small compressor for small yards →
This not too hard, anyone can do it! Watch the entire process. Even if you don't have an air compressor to blow out the water sitting in the pipes you can at least drain parts of the valves and pipes. And that may make all the difference. The cost of replacing your backflow preventer manifold can easily go over $200.
To winterize your sprinklers just means you are getting out all the water trapped in the line. You can open the lines to drain them, but if you have an air compressor you can force air in and blow it all out. If water is trapped in the lines and the outside temperature drops below freezing; the water inside the pipes will freeze. When water freezes it expands and will split metal and plastic pipes.

Also be sure you disconnect your hose. Watch a video here to see why and how not doing this could lead to terrible damage!

You can use a small tank compressor but it will take a lot longer to blow out all the lines. It also may not handle long runs of pipes. If you have a large property you will need at least a 10 gallon to be happy.

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How to blow out (winterize) your sprinkler system - Видео онлайн