Cheap Broken Forklift Gets a New Engine

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Cheap Broken Forklift Gets a New Engine - Видео онлайн

We bought the cheapest forklift we could find. It was broken! After 6 months sitting in the workshop, will it finally run?

The original Nissan SD25 forklift engine had coolant leaking into the sump-
diagnosed as head gasket failure when we bought it


We had the cylinder head skimmed and pressure tested but still had
the same problem

so we bought a good second-hand engine which had had a
head rebuild


plot twist,

the new engine was doing exactly the same thing!
Water running into the oil (and it wasn't head gasket failure on either engine)

We returned the head to the company we bought it from
who did some MORE work on it...

now we’ve just collected it and are about to rebuild the new engine

and fit it back in the forklift.

0:00 Intro
0:32 Rebuilding the engine
5:20 Refitting the engine into the Forklift
9:35 Refilling the engine with water
12:20 Is coolant still leaking into the oil?
15:03 Will the engine run?

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Cheap Broken Forklift Gets a New Engine - Видео онлайн