Lee Enterprises Consulting - Bioeconomy Consultants And Expert Witnesses - Biofuels, Feedstocks, Etc

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W Lee   |   2 год.
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Lee Enterprises Consulting - Bioeconomy Consultants And Expert Witnesses - Biofuels, Feedstocks, Etc - Видео онлайн

(501) 833-8511 -- https://lee-enterprises.com/ This video gives an overview of Lee Enterprises, the world's premier bio-consulting group with over 150 bioenergy and biochemical experts worldwide. Our experts are world renowned leaders in their field, selected based on their education, experience, and reputation and have done thousands of projects worldwide. Lee Enterprises Consulting is divided into five sections – biofuels, biomaterials & biochemicals, feedstocks, technologies, and cannabis/hemp. Our services encompass business & financial, technical & engineering, project management, legal & regulatory, and a variety of specialty services like litigation support (expert witness), TEA, executive recruiting, risk analysis, insurance, accounting, and more. Our size makes us the largest bioeconomy consulting group in the world. The caliber of our experts and our collective knowledge makes us the best!

Here are some of the industries we serve:
Biomaterials & Biochemicals
Synthetic Biology Commercialization

Within these industries (and similar bioeconomy and renewable energy sectors) we offer these kinds of services:


Accounting & Auditing
Appraisals (Plants & Equipment)
Asset Management & Disposal
Biomass Marketing
Budgeting (CAPEX & OPEX)
Business Plan Development & Review
Capital Structuring
Competitor Analysis
Due Diligence
Executive Recruiting
Feedstock Procurement & Risk Management
Financial Modeling
Financial Packaging & Assistance
Loan Guarantee
Market Assessment
Offtake (Fuel Sales)
Pro Forma Development & Review
Process Simulation
Project Financing
RFP Rating & Ranking Services
Strategic Planning
Technical Feasibility
Techno Economic Analysis
Third Party Review
Valuations (Operational & Closed Facilities)


Anaerobic Digestion & Composting
Aseptic Design
Aspen Simulation
Biofuels Technology
Biomass Supply Chain Development & Analysis
Catalytic Valorization
Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
Data Analysis (Lab and Process)
Downstream Processes
Efficiency Analysis
Experimental Design
Feedstock Evaluation
Fermenter Design
Fuel Additives & Marketing
Industrial Enzymes
Laboratory Testing
Peer Review of Design
Plant Engineering, & Design
Process Hazard Analysis
Process Simulation
Product Formulation
Quality Assurance
Reactor Design
Recipe Management Assistance
Solid State Fermentation
Technology Assessment


Air Permitting
Commercial Readiness Analysis
Commercialization Planning
Construction Administration, Observation & Management
Electric Substation & Interconnection
Environmental Matters
Enzyme Production Assistance
EPC Contract Management
HAZOP Analysis
Interim Executive Leadership
Manufacturing Selection & Oversight
Operational Planning
Permitting Strategy
Pilot Plant Design & Manufacture
Plant Fabrication, Construction & Retrofit
Plant Management
Process Safety & Management
Project Planning
Project Management
Risk Assessments
Risk Management
Site Selection
Start Up Assistance


BQ9000 Preparation
Compliance Reporting
Contract Research & Management
Contract Review & Negotiation
DOE Merit Reviews
Due Diligence
Environmental Compliance
EPA Compliance
Expert Witness Services
Grant Writing
Intellectual Property (IP)
Life Cycle Analysis
Loan Preparation
Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)
Operational Audits
OSHA Compliance
Owner Representation
Regulatory Requirement Reviews
Safety Training
Taxes & Tax Planning
Wildlife Habitat Matters

Discover more about us here:



Here is a 2018 article from BiofuelsDigest.com with Lee Enterprises' CEO Wayne Lee:


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Lee Enterprises Consulting - Bioeconomy Consultants And Expert Witnesses - Biofuels, Feedstocks, Etc - Видео онлайн