Geo Fabric and French Drains the TRUTH - The French Drain Man

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Geo Fabric and French Drains the TRUTH - The French Drain Man - Видео онлайн

This is a video I've been meaning to put some time aside and do for you the homeowners, the DIY guys, and even the homeowners that are shopping for a drainage system. What to ask for, what the tell your contractor you want. Actually, you're the customer, they're not willing to do it, hire somebody else. You do want a Geotextile, non-woven fabric. You don't want to build a system without it. Matter of fact, you all the work that goes into building a system and to miss that one step. Now you just gave your system an expiration date and it's really unfortunate.

We do a lot of commercial work as well and whatever the engineers spec in is what we will use when we designed our own systems, we have the couple gotos that we really love. Now the first one, this is, this is our fastest, it's a four-ounce. Love it for our open French drains when we have a lot of surface water and we want to just turn our French drain into one long channel drain, this is what we use.

Well, I have the hose turned up all the way. You see it takes time. I am trying to show you how fast it'll take the water in. I have a pretty good stream. I have great water pressure. So. All right, so let's, let's just fill this bucket real quick and then we'll move on to the eight-ounce fabric. So, this fabric I love for surface water and it's going to protect the drainage systems that I built for my clients. It's going to prevent the gravel from migrating into the subsoil and the subsoil from migrating into the gravel. That's where they plug. That's why you want to use this. So that was the four ounce.

This eight-ounce. This will slow it down a little bit. All right, you can see how heavy that is. Always use this for your retaining walls. When you're using boulders and big slab rock and things like that. You don't want to use no lightweight. You want to, you want to definitely use this. Okay, so here's eight ounce, show you the difference. So when I move the hose away, you can see it takes that hesitation that just it filtrates all the water. Well, this is going to last and last and last the last decades. That's what's amazing about this, but I wouldn't recommend this for open French drains Open French, drains your moving sheet water.  Sheet water is when you have it just coming off a carport or coming off of a concrete parking lot or concrete driveway. Sheet water is some serious stuff. You can't screw around with it. [...]

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Geo Fabric and French Drains the TRUTH - The French Drain Man - Видео онлайн