Why Corrugated Pipe is Better than PVC Pipe for Yard Drainage

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Why Corrugated Pipe is Better than PVC Pipe for Yard Drainage - Видео онлайн

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Anybody that tells you that yard drains are a one size fits all, they are their own fool. Unfortunately, homeowners are put into a tailspin and they feel like, with their water problem, they're stuck on an island because of all the gimmicks that are out there. Well, you're not stuck on an island because Baughman Tile heard your needs and Baughman Tile made the first pipe just for yard drains and foundation drains.

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time. I want to show you how corrugated pipe, that single wall is self-cleaning. I want to explain it and I want to show you it's something that you really need a visual. So this is Baughman, single wall, four-inch corrugated square. You can see how it's kind of squared here. That's for strength. This pipe is incredibly strong and the inside is rounded really nice. I'm going to show you how this pipe is self-cleaning, how it was designed to work. And here's the Baughman High-octane. It's rounded on the inside, squared on the outside for strength. Man, look at those inlets. This pipe is just incredible.

So here's a clear piece of four-inch corrugated pipe. What I'm going to do is I'm going to run water through it and I'm gonna show you guys how the turbulence that's created because of the ribs, the rounded ribs, this pipe is self-cleaning. I'll start by putting pine cones through it, tree bark, all kinds of stuff.

Now when I talk about turbulence, like this bucket of water, those waves, that's not the turbulence, that's no turbulence. The turbulence is a true mixing and this mixing, this turbulence that occurs when the water's running, that's what makes the debris, just collects the debris, suspends it in the liquid and carries it out to the discharge end of whatever kind of system you have. Whether it's for downspouts, whether it's for yard drainage and you're using the High-octane. This rounded interior creates this self-cleaning turbulence and I can't wait to get the water flowing and show you.

I deliberately set this up to where the discharge and is in a pothole. You can see the water, you can see all the turbulence. Look at that, look at that action, That's going to remove any sediment. But I did deliberately put a belly in at the end of a 50-foot run. Most downspouts don't have a 50-foot run, but I wanted to use a 50-foot piece of corrugated clear four-inch pipe just so that we could see it in probably the worst-case scenario. [...]

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Why Corrugated Pipe is Better than PVC Pipe for Yard Drainage - Видео онлайн