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BurttheWheeler   |   7 мес.
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Dragon Dildo - Видео онлайн

Dragon Dildo
- https://swiy.io/dragon

Looking for the ultimate Dragon Dildo to add a little excitement to the bedroom and your role playing?

What's your fantasy? Our bad dragon toy is my favorite part of my massive collection of dildos and sheaths which my partner and I love to use.

My world of dragon dildos is overflowing with all kinds of mythical penises.

Become the mother of dragons and take a ride on Draken - a fierce looking silicone dildo with the perfect amount of texture and shape.

Indulge Your Fantasy With The Realm - Draken Dragon Dildo.

Draken awaits you, with its all-seeing eyes open and smoke trickling out its nostrils. This one-of-a-kind fantasy dildo is made of soft and satin smooth silicone.

Covered in dragon-skin texture, Draken's thick shaft will fill you up and then make you beg for more.

Use with your favorite lube for an incredibly stimulating, mind blowing and comfortable experience.

My Dragon Dildo flared base makes it anal safe and harness compatible too.

The Draken Dragon is body safe and easy to clean as it is made with 100% platinum cured silicone.

Weighing almost 1 pound, the measurements of this pure joy dildo is 7.75 x 1.5 with an orgasm inducing circumference of 4.7 inches!

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Dragon Dildo - Видео онлайн