Best Chest Binders

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BurttheWheeler   |   2 год.
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Best Chest Binders - Видео онлайн

Best Chest Binders

Looking for the best chest binders?

Here are my suggestions for some of the most comfortable, versatile, and well-made binders you can buy. Our Tri-Top chest binder is one of the strongest of our compression chest binder selection for women and is designed to give you a binder that fits right, feels good.

I am a ftm trans person. i tried gc2b's binders and even though they're quite comfortable when it comes to stretching and movements..

Image of two people wearing chest binders. ... Some FtM (Female to Male transgender) mastectomy researchers feel that longterm binding.

Whether you need gynecomastia support, an FTM binder, or just want a flatter chest, this binder is a great mix of value, effectiveness, and comfort.

People with minimal chest tissue can sometimes use athletic compression shirts successfully as binders.

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Best Chest Binders - Видео онлайн